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Our Mission

As a community of believers who have been saved by the gospel of Jesus Christ, we truly believe it is our church's responsibility to take that same hope not only to Bakersfield but also to uttermost parts of the Earth.

The need

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Missions Journey to Zambia

We have been praying to God for guidance and discretion on how to reach the lost throughout the World. So, on March 25th, our church family sent out Pastor and a few select men to go to Zambia, Africa. Despite not having a detailed plan laid out, we still sent them out in faith, knowing that God has commanded us to go and teach the Gospel! As the men stepped out in faith, God began to do mighty and powerful work in Zambia. Souls flocked to the light of the Gospel and many began to accept Christ as their Savior. We encourage you to participate in this great work in prayer and giving as we plan to continue sending out our church family to the new believers in Zambia.

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Missions Journey: Zambia


Upcoming Outreach Opportunities

Join us for our next outreach program opportunity. Details are below:

  • Open Door Outreach in Delano at 10 AM on Saturday, June 29th, 2024.

    Open Door Outreach in Wasco & Shafter at 10 AM on Saturday, October 12, 2024.

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